Why Proftr?

  • We produce our own paper.

The jumbo rolls used in Proftr goods are made in our own plant. As a result, we are not only able to produce products in a wider range of weights and quality, but we are also able to keep a competitive edge in the market due to our stable price approach.

  • Compliance with quality standards and customer satisfaction are our priorities..

Our top concerns are adherence to quality standards and client satisfaction.

Proftr products are produced in accordance with national and international laws and quality standards that take into account the changing and developing customer needs in the market as a result of ongoing R&D studies. Consistency in quality and customer satisfaction are the fundamental values in Proftr products.

  • From raw material to shipment, we ensure traceability at every stage.

Due to our investment in digitalization in our factories, we are able to give retroactive data at every stage of the manufacturing of a Proftr product, from raw materials to manufacture and shipment. In this approach, we maintain our progress while giving our clients the best value.

  • We offer a variety of products for every need.

For every requirement, we provide a range of items.

We offer three different grades of raw material in our primary paper machine to satisfy the varying dynamics of the domestic and worldwide industrial hygiene paper markets: 100% Cellulose, Cellulose & Recycled, and 100% Recycled. The extensive product line of Proftr was developed to provide this variety to its customers across all categories.

  • We carry out all our processes with our sustainability approach.

With a focus on sustainability, we conduct every aspect of our business.

Because we prioritize preserving the availability of natural resources for future generations, we operate with a sustainability strategy across our whole production process, as mandated by our corporate culture, from raw material selection to energy consumption. Therefore, we continue to increase the share of recycling goods in the Proftr product family and aim to increase customers’ knowledge of this even though many Turkish companies in the away from home hygiene paper market only produce with 100% cellulose fibers.